Our vision
Knowledge dissemination is a need as fundumental as knowledge acquisition
We create a global ecosystem which provides students all over the world with an opportunity to participate in the educational process fully and entirely
‌Key Features
Learn from experts or other students, who has already passed the current step
Teach other student with consolidating knowledge and earn money
Build new steps to improve the platform and make passive income
Semantic tree of knowledge
Acquire knowledge and skills in relevant subjects
Grow your tree by following your own unique path
Reveal your competences to students and employers
Distributed history of learning
Verified history of learning accumulates in Blockchain
and could be made available to prospective employers
Peer-to-peer payments
Quickly - Globally - Safely
Savva Antonyuk
CEO & Co-founder
Savva Antonyuk
CEO & Co-founder
Mentor at Accenture - Global Blockchain Technology Lead, Co-founder of Tokenstarter, Particle Physicist, was modeling LHC facilities at CERN, Innovations in Education and Learning Developer
Salman Qadir
COO & Co-founder
Salman Qadir
COO & Co-founder
Coordinator of the OBOR project’s CPEC project, Strategic Partner at Turing Technology, Blockchain Expert at Icobench.com, Business Mentor at StartupSoft, Advisor at Styras.io and Corl.io
Sergey Aikhel
CBO & Co-founder
Sergey Aikhel
CBO & Co-founder
Innovative edu-systems developer, smart city and blockchain researcher in Saint-Petersburg university, Co-founder Olimpiade Club
Alexey Poloz
Core Developer & Co-founder
Alexey Poloz
Core Developer & Co-founder
Gifted and immensely experienced web-applications’ developer, gives lectures on front-end at SPbSU, cryptocurrencies’ trading bot expert
Upcoming events
Educational Festival "Easy School"
29 Feb
International Social Project IT GENERATION
26 January - 8 March 2020
Iwave - conference for adolescents
23 March 2020
Level Up Forum for adolescents
18 April 2020
Mentors & Advisors
Mikhail Lazarev
Blockchain Advisor
Co-founder SPBlockchain. Founder of Tokenstarter. 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur
Alex Laryanovskiy
e-Learning Advisor
Ex-director of International Development at Yandex.ru, Managing Partner at SkyEng
Alexander Borutskiy
Bussiness Advisor
PhD in economic cybernetics, CEO BLOK.RED, Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador
Konstantin Zaharov
Advisor on Co-Learning
Assistant professor of Higher School of Engineering Pedagogy, Psychology and Applied Linguistics at the Humanities Institute of Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University; PhD in pedagogy; over 50 publications in Scopus, "ВАК" (rus.), "РИНЦ" (rus.) and etc
Lyubov Shamina
Financial Advisor
Doctor of Economic Science, Professor and Lead of Department of Management at Finantial University, research interests: Innovations, Management of Innovative Development, Realization of Innovation Potential of Industrial Enterprises
Linguistic Direction Advisor
Professor and Head of foreign languages' department at the one of top Russian universities; Doctor of linguistics, majoring in translation studies and cognitive linguistics; 30 years of experience as a university teacher and lecturer; Author of a large number of articles, books and monographs in translation, grammar, etc
For users
How to earn tokens on the platform and how can to spend them?
There are two main possibilities to earn tokens: teaching other users on the steps which you have already passed and create new steps. You can spend earned tokens on learning a wide range of subjects with experts or just withdraw some amount as an income.
Why should I teach other students?
By teaching other users you strengthen your expertise, prove your competencies, increase your rating, earn money and of course have a lot of fun from communication and cultural exchange.
What if I just provide a student with precise answers to a task?
The sharing of answers is restricted. But if you eventually decide to make somebody’s life “easier”, he/she will be unsatisfied and decrease your rating or just open dispute. Moreover, each step can include a few similar tasks with different answers and therefore providing with answers will not be precise.
How can I be sure that my teacher is correct and he/she tells me a truth?
The main indicator is your ability to solve previously puzzling task and your understanding of the theory. Besides, the records of all of your teacher’s lessons is available and you can check his/her actual competencies, rating and feedbacks.
What are the benefits of my achievements on the platform?
Your lessons’ history is accumulated in the blockchain. Therefore, your potential employers are able to verify and analyse your digital footprint. It reveals your actual competencies in different subjects and also proves their appropriateness and relevance.
For example, I want to learn how to wear a tie. Why would I go to your platform?
Here, on Tensy you can easily find many experts even on wearing a tie. All you need is a dozen of minutes and a couple dollars.
I can google all the questions I encounter. Why should I learn on the platform instead of surfing the net?
Of course, you can google information to climb the ladders. However,how much of the “googled” information do you remember? By learning from real people and teaching them you study effectively, get the better understanding of material and you remember it for a longer period of time. Information about every lesson records in a blockchain and, if you just google to provide right answers, employers and other users cannot see your progress. Therefore, when you pay for a lesson, you invest in yourself and increase your income on the platform and out of it.
For specialists in educational sector
What is the proof of the student’s competencies?
1) We know that he/she solved tasks in the steps he/she successfully passed.
2) After passing each step, the student is highly motivated to acknowledge a following theory, because next time on this step he/she will be a teacher. Therefore, their understanding correlates with their rating and further income.
3) (the most important one) Platform is open and transparent and it’s clear how this student was teaching other users.
What distinguishes Tensy from MOOCs and other platforms?
1) There is no artificial segregation between students and teachers on Tensy. Every user has a possibility to use their knowledge by teaching others as well as learning from them.
2) We use “problem-first” approach which shows dramatic effectiveness. Every student encounters a task first, before he/she sees the corresponding theory. Therefore, by getting immersed into “searching state” students learn much more efficiently.
3) Microlearning. According to their desires, students can learn for 15 minutes or many hours per day.
4) We provide users with possibility to learn an unlimited range of subject and verify students’ competencies by means of blockchain technology.
How to find enough teachers to maintain face-to-face interaction on the platform 24/7?
Almost all the students on Tensy are teachers as well.Therefore, every student is able to meet their needs in knowledge acquisition as well as in knowledge dissemination regardless of a chosen subject.
How will the content be generated ?
Before the global launch of the platform, we generate the “critical mass” of the content with our educational partners: schools, universities and other organizations. Then every advanced user will be able to suggest new content and get rewarded. Furthermore, one of the Tensy’s advantages is that knowledge transfers from peer to peer. Therefore, the value moves from the content to the community and real people on the platform.
For prospective partners
How does your project generate Revenue?
The main source of income is 10-20% fee on each student-teacher transaction. Moreover, the platform provides us with the possibility to place highly targeted advertisements and sell premium with extended functionality and better listing.
Where will you find users and why will they become your clients?
For the quality of Customer Development we invited few groups of free students who help us improve UI/UX and prove the hypothesis about the effectiveness of our learning system.
How many customers (paying customers) do you have right now?
Here, on Tensy you can easily find many experts even on wearing a tie. All you need is a dozen of minutes and a couple dollars.
What is the current stage of the project now?
The Tensy project is at the seed stage. We implement basic features and test them with real users. At the same time we conduct a scientific research about effectiveness of our approach in learning and expand the net of our partners and other like-minded people, which already includes a few public and private schools and European and Russian universities.
Mikhail Pristalov Russia Saint-Peterburg
Pavel Ovchinnikov Russia Saint-Petersburg
Bruno Mihailescu Romania Bucharest
Konstantin Zakharov Russia Saint-Petersburg
Stay tuned to catch the wave of 4.0 education!