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Advantages of the platform
Instant start of the lesson
1 minute from the question to the lesson with a live person
Around the clock
You will be helped at any time in any subject
Simple use
You send a photo, and the lesson begins on the platform
Set of tools
Interactive whiteboard and the ability to call and even turn on a video
Professional mentors
They will help you solve any problem
Fix the material
All lessons are saved in the profile, and always in the public domain
Our team
Our partners
Our ambassadors and contributors
Михаил Присталов
Innovator at Pedagogy, Teacher of Economics at school #6 in Saint-Petersburg
Павел Овчинников
Math teacher at private school. Professional tutor
Константин Захаров
Professor of Higher School of Engineering Pedagogy, Psychology and Applied Linguistics at the Humanities Institute
Любовь Шамина
Doctor of Economic Science, Professor and Lead of Department of Management at Finantial University
Михаил Эрман
Salman Qadir
Coordinator of the OBOR project’s CPEC project
Александр Боруцкий
PhD in economic cybernetics
Фёдор Глазов
COO at "A+", private school specialized on exam preparation
Александр Ларьяновский
Managing partner at Skyeng, the online school in Russia
Ольга Пашук
Director at global project "League of leaders"
Натали Бут
Co-founder and CEO at iDialogue
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